Foreign trade activities

Foreign trade activities

Outsourcing of foreign economic activity is the delegation of a specialized company of all processes related to the selection of the optimal international supplier and carrier, customs clearance. Own department of foreign economic activity is beneficial only to very large enterprises that make a lot of import-export transactions. If there are not so many foreign trade deals, then it is more profitable to outsource such work to an outsourced proven company.

The provision of tern-key services for foreighn economical activities allows you to save a significant amount of money and staff time that must be performed by the company's main business processes. The specialists of TLC “Union” have established contacts with major manufacturers of goods, international transport companies and agents, therefore we guarantee the optimization of all processes, protection of the interests of the client, reporting on all works.

TLC Union organices full specture of services for foreign economical activities:

  • Conclusion of the contract for the supply of goods with the Client;
  • Conclusion of a contract for the purchase of goods from the supplier;
  • Purchase of goods from the supplier;
  • Transportation to the customs of destination in the Russian Federation;
  • Customs clearance (payment of all due customs payments);
  • Delivery to the clients warehouse;
  • Transfer to the Client of a complete set of sale and purchase documents.



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