Provide participants of foreign economic activity with complex logistic solutions that would contribute to the development of their business by:

  • development and implementation of optimal logistic schemes for moving and managing the flow of goods from senders to recipients;
  • constant improvement of the quality of services provided, which fully meet the expectations of consumers;
  • compliance with all agreements reached with Customers.


Cooperation with partners [EN]

Mutual responsibility, attention to details, support

We value mutual respect and responsibility in relations with partners, we aim to comply with all requirements and wishes. In return, we are grateful to our partners for meeting our high requirements for the delivery and storage of the goods.

We always pay attention to details and documentation. In the field of logistics it is extremely important. Every word has a meaning.

The quality of our services directly depends on the work of our partners. Therefore, mutual work with partners in the interests of the customer - is our main task.

Internal working principles [EN]

Development, professionalism, creativity

We see our strength in the continuous development of employees - this is the development of the company. To be always on the move and at the same time to clearly see high goals in front of you - is one of the basic principles of logistics in our understanding.
Professionalism - is an attentive attitude to customers, partners, colleagues. Responsible approach to each project.
Logistics - is the ability to find new ways and look at the world from a different angle.


Managment [EN]