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About us

The history of our company is a long way of development, which we have passed from a small forwarding company huddled in a domestic trailer near Sheremetyevo Airport to a large transport and logistics company that delivers goods from all over the world by any means of transport.

This history has started back in 1996 and continues successfully to the present day.


  • December, 2017 [EN]

     Rebranding of the company

    The accumulated experience and the broadest partnership both in Russia and around the world allows us to confidently consider our company as the largest association of Russian and foreign carriers, which with pride allowed us to rename the company and proudly bear the name of TLC Union. Our association allows customers not to be scattered to build relationships with dozens of small companies around the world, but to delegate all their logistical tasks to one hand.

  • June, 2015 [EN]

    Entry into the air transportation market from Russia to China

    In connection with the arrival of the leading Chinese airlines to our market and the growing demand for export flights to China, we have concluded exclusive sales contracts with China Eastern Airlines and China Southern Airlines.

  • April, 2014 [EN]

    Conclusion of the agreement with company TsAP

    The transport company TsAP (Center for Road Transport) — is the largest car carrier of general cargoes, having the most extensive network of routes in Russia. This allows the delivery of goods to customers in any part of Russia, where only car communication reached.  

  • January, 2013 [EN]

    Development general agent relations with airlines

    To expand the capabilities of our company for the export of air cargo from Russia, we entered into a genegent agreement with ETIHAD AIRLINES and received the exclusive right to sell air cargo on airline flights from Moscow. Thus, we expand our ability to export air cargo from Russia.

  • March, 2012 [EN]

    Development of the relations with regional partners in Russia

    Cooperation with the transport company Krete-M (Samara) allowed not only to start sales of air transportation from Samara to Europe and the USA, but also opened the market of road transport to Kazakhstan and other countries of Central Asia. This event marked the beginning of the development of the internal Russian partner network.

  • August, 2011 [EN]

    Expansion of foreign economic activity

    The company has created units engaged in the supply to Russia of electrical equipment manufactured by the Austrian company Klampfer Elektroanlagen and spare parts for Caterpilar equipment from the American company Costex Tractor Parts. In both cases, we have completely closed the entire supply chain to Russia on ourselfs.

  • January , 2010 [EN]

    Cooperation with Vosxod company (St.-Petersburg)

    The opening of a partner office in St. Petersburg allowed us to begin active work on the sale of sea shipments from Russia and Voskhod, company operating in the port of St. Petersburg and having its own customs warehouse in Shushary, became a reliable partner in this business. We also concluded contracts with sea lines MSC, Maersk, Evergreen.

  • May, 2009 [EN]

    Conclusion of a cooperation agreement with WESTERN OVERSEASE company

    The Western Overseas company is the largest American freight forwarder and the agreement with it allowed us to cover all the cities of North America and Canada, railway transportation in the USA, as well as the sea shipping market from the United States.  

  • February, 2009 [EN]

    Opening of oversized cargo department

    Our work on the transportation of oversized vehicles began with the signing of a contract with the Danish company AGROMETER a / s. For several years we have been transporting agricultural equipment from Denmark for the company APK Cherkizovo and Miratorg. We provide a full range of oversized transport services from obtaining permits to customs clearance at the excise customs.    

  • January, 2008 [EN]

    Signing a general agreement with the largest American air company DELTA AIRLINES

    Our company has recieved exclusive rights of cargo sales for Delta Airlines flights from Moscow. This event has opened a new milestone in the development of our company as an agent for sales of air travel from Russia.


  • January, 2007 [EN]

    Constracting of own logistics terminal  

    Our company participated in the shared construction of a logistics terminal in the Dmitrovsky district of the Moscow region with an area of ​​15,000 sq. m.   

  • October, 2006 [EN]

    Opening of the railway transportation department

    Cooperation with Zheldorexpedition and the existence of long-term partnerships in Hungary allowed us to arrange the railway transportation from Europe to Moscow for Wimm Bill Dann (Pepsico). Our partners in Hungary have successfully resolved issues with the transshipment of any kind of goods from European to Russian track.

  • July, 2005 [EN]

    Entry into the international network of aviation carrier JAS  

    The signing of the association with JAS (Jet Aviation Service) allowed our company to completely close the airline sector from anywhere in the world to Russia. The widest network of agents around the world allows us to pick up the goods at any point, issuing shipping documents, close the export formalities in the country of departure and send the goods to Russia.

  • December, 2004 [EN]

    Completion of cooperation with the company FRANS MAAS 

    The owners of the company sold the share of their participation to Frans Mass and established a new legal entity, retaining the existing structure of the company and staff. We moved to a new office and continued to develop the company both domestically and internationally.  


  • February, 2004 [EN]

    Conclusion of an association agreement with the UFO international freight forwarding network

    Joining the UFO (Universal Freight Organization) has allowed our company to expand the network of international maritime transport, covering the whole of Southeast Asia and especially actively developing China. The volume of container traffic increased to 50TEU per month.


  • June, 2002 [EN]

    Union of the company with a the largest European freight forwarder FRANS MAAS

    In order to expand the company's transportation capabilities within Europe and expand its customer base at the expense of European consumers, we sold Frans Mass’s share, in this way expanding the existing chain of logistic routes.


  • April, 1999 [EN]

    Opening of the company's office at the Aurora customs terminal in Khimki

    Our company has started to provide quality service for all types of customs clearance and outsourcing of foreign trade activities. Our declarants were engaged in registration of all types of goods, and regulated relations with customs allowed us to organize uninterrupted processing of dozens of declarations per day.

  • September, 1998 [EN]

    Signing of the first international cooperation agreement

    We entered into a partnership agreement with the American company PRA Unitrans and began to engage in shipping from the United States and international road transport.


  • July, 1996 [EN]

    Regestration of MBB Trans

    From this point starts the history of our company. We began our activities with air transportation from Sheremetyevo Airport in Russia and for several years developed international transportation and accumulated a client data base.